Future-oriented technologies

will deliver benefits

across the economy and society

Become a member of the OpenS3 Lab and benefit from the established, outstanding and visionary environment at the Technical University of Darmstadt. As an actively committed industry partner, membership in the OpenS3 Lab offers companies the unique opportunity to fully exploit the intellectual and technological resources of cybersecurity and privacy research of the TU Darmstadt. We are more than just a research network – we are a trustworthy network.

Key to success

The key to the success of the OpenS3 Lab as a cooperation for companies is the willingness to positively influence each other, to bundle resources and use synergy effects so that we can think and implement large-scale, long-term and sustainable projects. The integration of the expertise of our members is a crucial part of the lab’s mission.

Strengthening the colaboration between the industry and the academia to develop the best ways to improve digital trust. We will have a vast number of opportunities to exploring future-oriented technologies.

Within our partnership we will provide solutions for you and your use cases to solve the emerging challenge of the Internet of Things as well as the privacy-enhancing computing.

Our strenghts

Solid theoretical foundation as well as proof-of concept research

Capacity for high-innovative power

Indenpendent research

High contribution to open source security and privacy-protecting technologies

The academic framework of the TU Darmstadt provides an environment in which we can conduct further and deeper research than is usually possible for most industry partners.

Even the most technologically skilled companies have difficulty in exploiting their innovative power to the full, especially when it comes to topics that require solid theoretical basic research.

Our research team works together with you in a close cooperation to help you to become more competitive and enable you to achieve a greater business success.

Your benefits as a member

You shape the future as a partner on the Steering Board

You discuss future research interests and you are involved in the direction of research and the definition of research priorities

You actively participate in conferences, symposia, workshops and presentations, as well as tutorials, special events and webinars

You have access to all research activities performed in the lab

You get an early access to research results, data and publications

You will receive access to data from major projects

You will be able to address your topics in the network to fully exploit your individual and collective potential

You have the possibility to initiate separate research projects. The conditions, costs and results of the funded research are regulated in a special agreement and are negotiated separately with the parties involved

Your active commitment to excellent research creates a rewarding ecosystem to achieve long-term and sustainable excellence

We know the requirements of high-tech security technology and the challenges of tomorrow. You know your business. With your early access to our research results we will provide you a competitive advantage.

Your company is interested in a membership? Feel free to get in touch with us.